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What are we working on in the background?


  • A board to use all 3 Arp filters in 1 Odyssey, Avatar or Axxe
    canceled for now. Instead we'll do the 4109 project
  • The original first 4027 oscillator for the 2600
  • 4027-1 latest version but updated with sync in/out on board
    board waiting for test
  • 4035 transistorladder filter for the Odyssey
  • 4015 S&H module for the 2600
    board waiting for test
  • Other, better Arp design VCA for the Odyssey and Avatar
  • Computerguided drilling of Avatars
  • breakoutbox for Odyssey
  • Design of a pcb for 4109  2pole lp, bp, hp, nptch, 4 pole lp and distortion on all modes,
    vc resonance and a VCA. 2nd protype sounds amazing. More to follow.


Just finished:

  • Improved 4019 vca for 2600 -  next version SE4019 coming soon
  • SE4012 tested and available.
  • SE4023 tested and available
  • SE versions will use the original pins we made the board itself just a little bit better again.


Long term projects

  • Odyssey modded with aftertouch, couple of Arp filters and everything I ever missed
  • Avatar with the works, waiting for the computer drilling
  • Mini 2600 - ministyle 2600


Very long term vision:

  • mini 2500