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June 2010

Fixed the wellknown Soloist's aftertouch problem. The original blobs of aftertouchsensor material only lasted for about eight months according to Philip Dodds.
Centaur VCA for Odyssey and Avatar. Get rid of the noise and limited performance of the CA3080.


Januari 2009

4109 is sounding better as great!
We're starting dedicated pages on this filter. Look under Projects for SE4109 and SE4109 history.



September 2008

Finished testing the SE4023 and SE4012. They're sounding great!

And the conversion for the 4075 filter to the 4109 Centaur prototype filter is coming soon.
Watch this space...



Juli 2008

SE2607 Waveformshaper board ready and tested! It's working great!. Enrich your Axxe, Avatar and Odyssey with the sametriangle and sine-like waveforms like the 2600 produces. Arp design adapted for low voltage vco's. What, you can even have a triangle and sine on VCO1 and 3 in your 2600.


And one step behind the SE2607 are some replacement modules:
SE4023 --12db filter - original Arp design
SE4027-1S --2600 vco but with sync in/out - original Arp design

SE4015 --2600 S&H - original Arp design
SE4035 --transistorladder lowpassfilter
SE4019 -VCA - available in 3 sounds: original, improved (better highs and lows) and improved even more.
SE4012 - 24db VCLPF -  available in 2 sounds: original and improved.

The last two are already available but the SE version has an improved board and comes with the original pins.

Exact pin location, same pins as Arp used. Drop-in replacements.


May 2008:

Improved 4012 and 4019 modules available. Small stock, but can be built to order. Ships usually within a week.


April 2008:

Finally we can restore those old touchsensor bars or aftertouch sensors for the Pro-Soloist, Pro-DGX and Quadra. And they work like new again. Even the bottom C.


March 2008:

New website being developed.

Old site still available at and