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Some emailed reactions. A bit edited for privacy reasons.


Hi Eric,


I am absolutely thrilled by the new arp sound and all the modifications,I really enjoy it and it's difficult to stop playing . :-) !!!!




 Eric . . Eric . . Eric . .    What an instrument !!

 Man, you have done a monstrous and unbelievable job on this Odyssey . . I opened the box 3 hours ago and have been fiddling around with all those knobs and switches and the possibilities are mind boggling !!

  I still need some time until I can find my way around all those options, but at this early moment now and with all fairness I can tell you that:
1- The addition of the touch sensor have given a new life to the way this instrument can be played . . so many possibilities and gave this Ody more of a classic status than it already enjoys.

2-  I must congratulate you for that the SE4109 multi mode filter . . it is so rich with a big bottom and well behaved at same time . . meaning that although it does not self oscillate there are so many sweet spots to catch a haunting setting. I still need some time to discover the possibilites of the different modes. 

3- I LOVE The distortion filter, this is one hell of a bad ass filter man . .  amazingly warm and it has a vintage sound to it that makes it very usable. I set the keyboard on "Dual" mode and playing fifth intervals with the distortion filter is tempting me to play some wild Jan Akkerman tunes :)  no kidding !

 4- The variable speed switches on the envelopes is a master stroke and I got some snappy sounds that gave my minimoog and SC Pro One a good run for their money, on their "fast" setting I got some amazing plucked patches.

  From what I see now, I think the filter envelopes (ADSR) can only be routed tol the 4075 filter but not the 4109 . . am I right or wrong ? But even like that I have turned the Ody into a three instant presets synth, applying the snappy envelopes on the 4075 filter and then I flip the selector switch to the 4109 for a totally different melodic setting that sounds totally different, then to the distortion filter for a nastier take . . that is really amazing !!!!



Hi Eric,

Very good work! Thanks a lot.
Love the power light cover :-)
Having lots of fun with the pro.
What a great organic sound!
Keyboard and touch sensor are pure joy to play now.

I will recomend your services.
Best regards,



Hi Eric,

I want to say thanks thanks thanks !!!!
I am amazed, what comes out the arp 2600
after your little (!?) tweakings.

  the envelopes = fantastic
  also scaling of the filter keyboard tracking makes such a big difference

This machine now produces sounds, I never heard before on
another modular. The old lady can sound so akwardly rubbery
and gnarly with the  new envelopes...  really great !!!

Best R.


Hi Eric,

Today I checked the Ody and: it´s awesome! AWESOME! And because of the new Mods it is a complete new and much stronger Instrument! COOOL!!!!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

COOL man!

Meeting You for me and my synths is like meeting the right pianobuilder for a grandpiano: at that point You know, there is a future with your instrument in perfect shape! That means quite a lot!

I´m still very impressed! Also about how deep you are involved in creating amazing, clear and articulated sounds. It was really impressive!

Now new experiments can begin for me, and that feels just great.

All the best to You!




Hello Eric,

sorry for responding so late....

I have been on tour and couldn´t manage to care for my emails.

I am very very happy with your work!!! Really unbelievebal , I did  nor expect that!
The Filter is amazing , it sounds like 3 dimensional now compared
to what it was before. The overall signal is  so much more expressive.
And the renewed keyboard , sliders and the LFO switch is fantastic too.
I never can  think about the sound of an Odyseey and playing it  without your work again.

Thanks for giving this baby balls again. Fantastic!!!



Hallo Eric
Klinkt echt als een dijk, dit is een moddervette bak ! (geworden)
Ik snap niet dat er ooit een "digitale" revolutie is geweest, wie kocht
er nou een DX7 als je dit soort sound gewoon was, voor mij echt niet te vatten,
kun je zien wat praat kan veroorzaken, je moest een DX7 hebben en dat soort bla bla,
mensen hielden zichzelf voor de gek, moddervet in bezit <-switch-> menugestuurde
dun klinkende moeilijke bagger zonder filters en knoppen, ik snap dat niet.
Ik hoor weer van je, bedankt, ik ben erg benieuwd naar de 2600
vr. grt,



Het lijkt wel alsof ik een totaal nieuwe bak in huis heb :))))))))
als een zonnetje!!! Dank!


Hallo Eric
Vanavond heb ik een eerste test gedaan met de 2 2600's naast elkaar.
Je moet het eigenlijk zo zien.............. een orginele 2600 is zeg maar
gewoon......zielig te noemen...........sampleplayer :-) ?
Het verschil is werkelijk enorm, veeeeeel meer body, veel dikker, ronder, harder.
Sound plakt gewoon je speakers uit.
Deze upgrade is wat mij betreft echt geslaagd en een 2600 must, ik ben eigenlijk
enorm onder de indruk nu, ik dacht het eigenlijk altijd al een beetje, ik vertelde je
al dat ie zo dik en plakkerig klonk, maar één op één dan schrik je pas echt, mijn god.
Als je je nieuwe site in de lucht hebt, moet je eigenlijk ook ruimte reserveren voor commentaar
van gebruikers van door jou gemodde synths, lijkt me een goed plan, dan komt het vast goed.
vr. groet,