Arp Axxe Modifications

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The best little one-oscillator-wonder. What can we do for your little treasure?
Well, before any mods are done we usually first make your machine 100% functional. This includes recapping and the wellknown "wash 'n lube" for shiny boards and seriously cleaned sliders. See the PICS section and go for WASH. Here we go:

  • audiopath upgrade, includes VCA improvement. Reveales the true nature of this little monster.
  • 4075  Timothy Smith filter upgrade.
  • 4075 resonance cv input.
  • SE2607 waveshaper for triangle and sine.
  • inverted ADSR on filter
  • 3 speed ADSR.
  • 3 speed LFO.
  • semi modular inputs.
  • extra VCO
  • extra LFO
  • fresh bushings and polished keycontacts.

And done before:

  • ringmodulator with extra audio speed LFO
  • or just an extra LFO for the PPC with triangle and squarewave.
  • lots of LEDS.

As long as there is room in your Axxe, we can do the mod.